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How Can I Say

I'm gone now so you don't have to worry
I won't bother you any more
It's just a shame that we had to hurry
Not knowing what we had in store

I failed in my words trying to show you
The love that I had in my heart
I failed in my efforts to know you
I know I was wrong from the start

There was nothing I had I could give you
And nothing inside I could show
The meaning of me just went by you
There is nothing in me you could know

I'm so glad that you've now found somebody
To help your life start again
To you, I'm now just a nobody
To you, I'm just a has been

But for me, I will always remember
The light that you gave me inside
That day in early November
The feel of you by my side

Those eyes that shown out so brightly
That smile that well warmed my mind
I don't take losing you lightly
One like you had been so hard to find