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I now awake to face the day
I must start, again
Got so much that's left to say
Just where do I begin

The shades of gray that hold me down
Find comfort in my mind
In all this time I've tried and found
Can't leave my past behind

This veil of pain comes down on me
Always hard and rapidly
When I least expect to see
It leaves, sometimes, and sets me free

And I can see the happiness
That waits for me tomorrow
Wash away my hopelessness
No more time for sorrow

I find freedom in my words
By mouth I can't relay
My thoughts escape me like the birds
I cage them in this way

I read them back and I can see
The changing patterns, constantly
The ebb and flow of moods in me
A document to set me free

I don't know where I will go
What I do or what I show
I think that I must take it slow
Just try to keep my profile low

I'll hide myself from all of you
Who am I ... don't ask me who
Expose myself ... don't ask me to
By myself, my hours are few