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Another Vicious Circle

Empty eyes and empty smiles
They tell me nothing
Have no being
There's no seeing
Life goes on for miles and miles
Tired of seeking
No one's speaking
Empty eyes

Darkened days and darkened nights
Hearts are broken
Vines are choking
Leave no token
Dazzled beast on endless plights
Tired of hoping
There's no coping
Darkened days

Hours on hours of endless words
Times are changing
Friends arranging
Life's exchanging
It's come to this and it's absurd
Love deranging
Minds are aging
Hours on hours

Try to live without one hope
Do not cry
Do not die
Ask me why
All the pain and tears elope
Can't get high
Just a sigh
Try to live

As I watch you walk away
I am crying
But I'm trying
And I'm lying
To myself most every day
I'm denying
I'm defying
As I watch

One more time, I just don't care
It's a shame
I'm to blame
Ego's lame
Got no life that's left to share
So you came
gave me fame
One more time