You may have issues if you are trying to create something like a music library since the available gadgets for playing MP3 files are seriously lacking. If you are a musician your best option is to share your own music on a site like ReverbNation and then simply embed their gadgets on your page. That way all of your albums, audio, video, profiles, photos, bios, etc. are managed through that site. That site's gadgets also provide better support for streaming audio and video. I'm just now testing Google Play for Artists but still waiting to get verified and published. After that happens I will see if there are ways to expose that here (without iframes).

I did try to upload a few MP3 files as attachments to this site and then reference each in a "Google Music Player" gadget but it was ugly and tedious. I also uploaded my entire original music library to both Google Drive and SkyDrive. I then tried to use the Google Music Player to access the MP3 files from those locations. Google Drive worked ok but I had issues with SkyDrive. Either way it was way too cumbersome to build a decent page of music. I then decided to just try using a Google Drive gadget on this page. This actually works very well as long as your library on Google Drive is open to the public for viewing. What you see below is the Google Drive gadget. Unfortunately, the MP3 files do not play in Safari if accessed via this gadget; however, they do play in Safari in I go directly to Google Drive and login.  Note that these MP3 files are all my own creations. Copyright © 2017 Kipland Iles. All Rights Reserved.

Kipland Iles

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